About Us

Hi, I’m David and I started the Good Brownie Co. with my wife Steph and our two little girls.

I really love to cook for my family (and I’m sure they love it too). But when I do, it’s important to me to make sure I use the best ingredients and nothing unnecessary.

A few years ago I wanted to try to delight the kids with some brownies. So I tried my hand at baking a few.

However, they had to be gluten-free, with no chemicals, fillers or anything unnecessary.

And importantly, they had to be delicious.

Impossible, right?

Well, the kids – and Steph – loved them.

They convinced me to start selling them. So I added a few new flavours – which the girls were all too happy to test.

Some were sugar-free.

Some were dairy-free.

Some were vegan.

Hopefully, all of them were tasty.

A few weeks later I walked down to Camden market to give a few away for feedback from people that weren’t related to me.

Surprisingly, non-family members loved them too.

They asked me to come to their offices the next week so they could buy more.

And more.

So we started the Good Brownie Co.

If you haven’t tried them, give them a go.

They’re really, really good.